What could make an awesome day of rides and shows at Disney even better you ask? How about little to no wait times?! The Fastpass+ system allows you to select up to three rides/shows/character experiences you want to skip the lines for, and best of all it’s free for everyone to use.  Every minute of your Disney vacation is precious, so I’m going to explain how fastpass works to help you make the most of your time at the parks.

In order to make your fastpass choices in advance you can go to the My Disney Experience app or use the My Disney Experience option on the Walt Disney World website. You can make your selections as early as 60 days out from your vacation start date if you are staying on Disney property including Disney Springs hotels, or 30 days out for everyone else. The sooner you get them the better because the popular attractions book up fast. Also it’s important to note that you must have your tickets purchased before making any fastpass selections.

You have the option of choosing up to three attractions per person per day. All three must be made for the same park. Once all three are used, you are able to get additional passes one at a time  by using the My Disney Experience app or an on-site Fastpass+ kiosk at the park. After that pass is used, you can get another and so on.  So if you have the park hopper tickets, you can make your three choices for morning or afternoon ride times for your first park, then you are allowed to select an additional fastpass at your next park once all three have been used. Or you can save all three for your second park of the day, and just book the passes for the time you will be at that park if you prefer the attractions there. The key is to remember that you can book only three at once before booking any additional passes, and all have to be at the same park. You can change your selections at any time through the My Disney Experience app, online, at a kiosk, or at your resort.

Another important rule to note is that the attractions are grouped into tiers at all parks except the Magic Kingdom. The most popular attractions that typically have the longest wait times are in one tier and you can only select one attraction from the top tier. So for example, Soarin and Test Track in Epcot are in the same tier. You can get a fastpass for one or the other, but not both. However once you’ve used up the first three passes, you can now select an additional pass from any tier.

I like to plan what park I will visit for the day and first make my dining reservations for that park. Then I go in and make my fastpass reservations next keeping in mind to avoid any times when we will be eating. I know it sounds like a lot of planning but trust me it’s worth it to be able to do the things you will enjoy the most.


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